What exactly is SEO and Optimisation?

Great, so you’ve got your new website setup and it looks exactly how you need it to but are you tracking it? Now you’ve spent your hard earned cash having it designed the way you want or expended many hours crafting your site how can you make it truly deliver? This section defines the term Optimisation and SEO (Software Engine Optimisation) and outlines some initial pointers to steer you in the right direction.

There are now tools to help see where your customers are located, how many hits you get per day and you can even track your websites activities for example if you have a very simple website that just contains your address and location you can setup a tracker to see how many people are actually clicking the map of your business. This can be very powerful as you can change your website design to capture and feed through the customers that you really want.

If you are currently in the initial phase of designing your website or want to re-market your brand you can also use keywords or metadata and the actual title of each page within your website to pull you up the rankings. It is helpful to Optimise your site from the outset by knowing exactly how to get the most hits for your niche business area.