Google Analytics & Google Adwords

You will need to ensure your pages are registered to on Google Analytics. This will involve registering your details onto the site and inserting the GA code "UA-xxxxx" into the header of each page or if you are using a CMS system such as Wordpress follow their plugin instructions which will give you step by step guidelines.

In order to define your keywordsmetadata and titles for your business you can again use Google Analytics for free to effectively target your audience and turn those clicks into revenue. You will need to ensure that you are registered with Google's Adwords then once you are logged in and registered go to Tools -- Keyword Planner. Click here for steps and tutorial.

The Google Keyword Planner is a dashboard enabling you to test drive your website design interactivity and its ultimate success. It also contains a nifty feature so you can test the traffic coming in from different countries/sites/browsers/cookie settings & exclude traffic that you do not want to be included i.e. hits already from your Company using their IP address. We can target your website to measure its success by quantifying what that actually means to you i.e. whether a customer reads a particular section, emails through their contact details or purchases from your shopping cart.

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