Why Build A Website?


  • Credibility
  • Customers expect to be able to search all your products and services in an easy format and be able to get in touch directly quickly and conveniently. They need to see that you are offering a reliable and professional service. If a business does not have a website it is a distinct disadvantage, after all, you need to showcase all that hard work and tell new customers exactly what you can offer.

  • Location
  • Even if you already have retail space on the high street a website puts you on the map.

    Why choose a local web developer?
  • One of the most powerful ways to get your needs met and help others at the same time is through networking and word-of-mouth referrals.
  • alleviates issues with overseas support and multinational help desks that can often waste you hours of precious time.
  • Your Marketing Strategy

    So what makes an effective Marketing Strategy?

    All your activity needs to be displayed through a combination of methods and your website should form part of a much wider marketing strategy. Giving your customers  a consistent message through as many forms of media as possible gives your brand much more impact than a disjointed approach. 

    • Social Media Websites
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    • Dedicated Website
    • Emails and email signatures
    • Online advertising
    • Office stationery
    • Local and national media
    • Leaflet drops

    Take time to consider how you want to approach your market-place and ensure that all your marketing activities from your leaflet drops and website through to adverts and portal updates all integrate together and support each other.