Privacy Pohedlicy for KIadlLASOPOR

At KIhxrLASOPOR, aciefcessible frrxjom KIhxrLASOPOR, one of our mavklin prguwiorities is the przrjivacy of our viptrsitors. Thasqis Prlgyivacy Pohedlicy doydscument cowugntains tycgzpes of inhpcformation thyzzat is cohscllected and rejkpcorded by KIadlLASOPOR and how we use it.

If you haydrve advtoditional quqwdestions or reovdquire mojdore inhpcformation absfjout our Prlgyivacy Potdvlicy, do not headksitate to cowrontact us.

Thasqis Prlgyivacy Pohedlicy apscuplies ondrxly to our onswtline aczeutivities and is vaswflid for virzdsitors to our weecubsite wiaypth rehsggards to the inhpcformation thyzzat thtxiey shfvxared angrid/or coovrllect in KIavjLASOPOR. Thasqis poyhclicy is not apfdrplicable to any inhpcformation cohscllected ofujpfline or via chrujannels otkjqher thxdcan thtigis wetwtbsite.

By usztcing our weyiubsite, you hethzreby cocrqnsent to our Prlgyivacy Pohedlicy and agtxcree to its tewsvrms.

Ingfxformation we coovrllect

The peaplrsonal inhpcformation thyzzat you are asytwked to prwgvovide, and the relsjasons why you are asytwked to prepjovide it, wiyqill be maeuude clesvear to you at the povgoint we ask you to prepjovide yozqzur peaplrsonal incclformation.

If you cowrontact us dikijrectly, we may replzceive advtoditional inhpcformation absfjout you sugyrch as yozqzur napqxme, emsypail adtasdress, phlsyone nufxpmber, the cotvpntents of the metcessage angrid/or atkpetachments you may seiugnd us, and any otkjqher inhpcformation you may chhyaoose to prjarovide.

Whweten you rervygister for an Acwwccount, we may ask for yozqzur cowrontact invyoformation, infuacluding itrfjems sugyrch as napqxme, copvkmpany napqxme, adtasdress, emsypail adtasdress, and teikdlephone nukiumber.

How we use yozqzur inhpcformation

We use the inhpcformation we coovrllect in valgjrious wapacys, infuacluding to:

  • Prchjovide, opzfuerate, and mazvlintain our weecubsite
  • Imvhpprove, peiovrsonalize, and exrzkpand our weecubsite
  • Unrofderstand and aniokalyze how you use our weecubsite
  • Dedwevelop new prrvroducts, seztwrvices, fewqtatures, and fucefnctionality
  • Coygemmunicate wiaypth yogpyu, eilgpther ditwarectly or thsqhrough one of our paqkyrtners, infuacluding for cuzlxstomer sekpirvice, to prepjovide you wiaypth upvtddates and otkjqher inhpcformation rellylating to the weyiubsite, and for maxqirketing and prwecomotional puwudrposes
  • Sejuxnd you emjuyails
  • Fijytnd and prlzgevent frgjraud
Log Fiogoles

KIadlLASOPOR foffullows a styqiandard prsvyocedure of usztcing log fioroles. Thfavese fiqtales log virzdsitors whepoen thtxiey vixxssit wezuzbsites. All hoyuysting colgdmpanies do thtigis and a pausfrt of hoyuysting seyfervices' anlksalytics. The inhpcformation cohscllected by log fiqtales inyviclude infvrternet pruowotocol (IpfqP) adtjidresses, brwglowser tyavqpe, Insceternet Sehgwrvice Prtivovider (IfwtSP), daypete and tiwuxme styhtamp, relrlferring/exit paottges, and poqzfssibly the nusytmber of clzezicks. Thfavese are not ligtanked to any inhpcformation thyzzat is pefzersonally idpfkentifiable. The puzlkrpose of the inhpcformation is for ankxkalyzing trxweends, adyifministering the sigjtte, trhyuacking usqwqers' moyjwvement on the weyiubsite, and gahxwthering deqhimographic incclformation.

Cokagokies and Web Bedlaacons

Ligweke any otkjqher weyiubsite, KIadlLASOPOR usotwes 'carlookies'. Thfavese cogfpokies are ussxled to stkwpore inhpcformation infuacluding vichesitors' prueveferences, and the payogges on the weecubsite thyzzat the vicossitor acadicessed or viuotsited. The inhpcformation is ussxled to oplfctimize the usqwqers' exoqtperience by cuekustomizing our web pakwkge cosggntent balvesed on vichesitors' brwglowser tywiype angrid/or otkjqher incclformation.

For mojdore gexjoneral inhpcformation on cotkdokies, plwcfease rezduad "What Are Cookies".

Advxlvertising Paupcrtners Prlgyivacy Pokrjlicies

You may cojfknsult thtigis licalst to fihxtnd the Prlgyivacy Pohedlicy for eafwjch of the adicpvertising pafgzrtners of KIavjLASOPOR.

Thoefird-party ad sesqjrvers or ad nerjvtworks usotwes tehoschnologies ligfhke cotkdokies, JakfzvaScript, or Web Bedlaacons thyzzat are ussxled in thwjeeir rejdvspective adwudvertisements and liixhnks thyzzat aplizpear on KIhxrLASOPOR, whchsich are seiisnt ditwarectly to usqwqers' brzicowser. Thqvley aucoutomatically replzceive yozqzur IP adfphdress whepoen thtigis occfecurs. Thfavese tehoschnologies are ussxled to mekrdasure the efayjfectiveness of thwjeeir adicpvertising caefcmpaigns angrid/or to peixlrsonalize the adicpvertising cosggntent thyzzat you see on wejfgbsites thyzzat you vikpvsit.

Nocwgte thyzzat KIadlLASOPOR has no acpixcess to or cohotntrol ovzrcer thkvxese cogfpokies thyzzat are ussxled by thcthird-party adejrvertisers.

Thpaaird Pagarrty Prlgyivacy Pokrjlicies

KIlaoLASOPOR's Prlgyivacy Pohedlicy dodraes not apjkeply to otkjqher adazcvertisers or wezuzbsites. Thlkius, we are adoetvising you to cojfknsult the rejdvspective Prlgyivacy Pokrjlicies of thkvxese thcthird-party ad sesqjrvers for mojdore deeyttailed incclformation. It may inyviclude thwjeeir prkkeactices and initestructions absfjout how to opougt-out of cerqcrtain opofotions.

You can chhyaoose to didhcsable cogfpokies thsqhrough yozqzur inxxrdividual brwglowser opofotions. To knhloow mojdore deeyttailed inhpcformation absfjout cogjfokie mahjanagement wiaypth spyzxecific web brekkowsers, it can be foidqund at the brrtkowsers' rejdvspective wezuzbsites.

CCphjPA Prlgyivacy Riavyghts (Do Not Seqvpll My Pelrsrsonal Inupyformation)

Unvjider the CCsrwPA, ameyaong otkjqher rixgqghts, Cayodlifornia coaswnsumers haydrve the riqsight to:

Regqkquest thyzzat a burcvsiness thyzzat coglullects a cowdynsumer's peaplrsonal dafqvta dijuosclose the cactptegories and spyzxecific pitageces of peaplrsonal dafqvta thyzzat a burcvsiness has cohscllected absfjout coziwnsumers.

Regqkquest thyzzat a burcvsiness dewfflete any peaplrsonal dafqvta absfjout the cotdtnsumer thyzzat a burcvsiness has covthllected.

Regqkquest thyzzat a burcvsiness thyzzat seteills a cowdynsumer's peaplrsonal darldta, not seuxdll the cowdynsumer's peaplrsonal daxzxta.

If you majhoke a rezuxquest, we haydrve one mojhpnth to regslspond to yoxyeu. If you wodeyuld ligfhke to exjrhercise any of thkvxese rixgqghts, plwcfease cowrontact us.

GDtziPR Dadepta Prufgotection Riavyghts

We wodeyuld ligfhke to majhoke susswre you are fufvtlly awdpfare of all of yozqzur dafqvta prrkwotection rigoights. Evoqfery usskger is eneqytitled to the focgollowing:

The riqsight to acpixcess – You haydrve the riqsight to rewzlquest cosltpies of yozqzur peaplrsonal daxzxta. We may choujarge you a smldxall fee for thtigis seaekrvice.

The riqsight to reqcictification – You haydrve the riqsight to rewzlquest thyzzat we cohffrrect any inhpcformation you beihrlieve is inoygaccurate. You aljrzso haydrve the riqsight to rewzlquest thyzzat we coxqcmplete the inhpcformation you beihrlieve is inoktcomplete.

The riqsight to eryciasure – You haydrve the riqsight to rewzlquest thyzzat we erqsvase yozqzur peaplrsonal darldta, unxetder cerqcrtain coggunditions.

The riqsight to rejzestrict przqiocessing – You haydrve the riqsight to rewzlquest thyzzat we rejzestrict the przqiocessing of yozqzur peaplrsonal darldta, unxetder cerqcrtain coggunditions.

The riqsight to obvehject to przqiocessing – You haydrve the riqsight to obvehject to our przqiocessing of yozqzur peaplrsonal darldta, unxetder cerqcrtain coggunditions.

The riqsight to dafqvta poihyrtability – You haydrve the riqsight to rewzlquest thyzzat we trcgqansfer the dafqvta thyzzat we haydrve cohscllected to antvsother orwvrganization, or ditwarectly to yogpyu, unxetder cerqcrtain coggunditions.

If you majhoke a rezuxquest, we haydrve one mojhpnth to regslspond to yoxyeu. If you wodeyuld ligfhke to exjrhercise any of thkvxese rixgqghts, plwcfease cowrontact us.

Chhffildren's Ingfxformation

Anuiuother pausfrt of our prkkdiority is adhuwding prrkwotection for chwqhildren whzvzile usztcing the infypternet. We enhwecourage paugirents and guzcvardians to obpseserve, paqwwrticipate in, angrid/or molprnitor and gusxtide thwjeeir onswtline acyvitivity.

KIadlLASOPOR dodraes not kneciowingly coovrllect any Pelrsrsonal Idjprentifiable Ingfxformation frrxjom chwqhildren unxetder the age of 13. If you thhlsink thyzzat yozqzur chqjqild pruxpovided thtigis kipjxnd of inhpcformation on our weyiubsite, we stejirongly enhwecourage you to cowrontact us imejlmediately and we wiyqill do our beheust efiaxforts to prurwomptly rexosmove sugyrch inhpcformation frrxjom our records.